Graduate Student Association

The University of Tennessee Plant Science Graduate Student Association is a network of those completing a master’s or doctorate’s degree under the guidance of the Department of Plant Sciences or an affiliated program.

The purpose of the organization is to provide support as students create innovative research projects and balance their personal life and career goals.



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Benjamin Donnelly Pritchard Profile Page
Benjamin Donnelly Pritchard
Graduate Research Assistant, Phd Student, Plant Sciences

Vice President

Dillon McCallum Profile Page
Dillon McCallum
Graduate Research Assistant (MS Student), Plant Sciences



Social Chair

Brooke Keadle Emery Profile Page
Brooke Keadle Emery
Extension Assistant – Produce Safety, Plant Sciences

Graduate Student Senator

Kollin Frederick Johnson Profile Page
Kollin Frederick Johnson
Graduate Research Assistant, Ms Student, Plant Sciences
The officers and Tracy Hawk's dog pose with their masks on at a local rooftop bar

Members meet regularly for social events.

Professor John Sorochan guides the GSA on a tour of Neyland Stadium

Faculty networking gives students interesting opportunities.

Devon Carroll weeds the GSA's Adopt-A-Spot in UT Gardens

The UT Gardens Adopt-A-Spot is the GSA’s patron service project.

Member Dallas Taylor lays counting turf tillers to inform a research study

The GSA welcomes diverse membership.

Students from Brazil work at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center dividing plant samples

Students connect in Knoxville, throughout the state and country, and internationally.

A student with a mask on examine a Petri dish in a lab

In the field or laboratory, a range of research is represented.

GSA members are leaders in crop production, horticulture, landscape architecture, plant breeding and genetics, weed science, and environmental issues.