Plant Genetics and Biotechnology

Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, a Plant Sciences concentration, is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in plant molecular biology, bioenergy, and biotechnology or careers in the plant biotechnology industry. For example, the curriculum will prepare students for graduate studies, which in turn, will prepare students for life as professional scientists. Alternatively, the plant biotechnology industry and biotechnology affiliated industries have recurrent demand for competent bachelor’s level scientists.

Neal Stewart, professor of Plant Sciences, explains his work in association with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). These projects seek to protect peoples of developing worlds confronting conflict.

One hallmark of the Plant Sciences degree is a requirement for students to participate in research directly in an affiliated faculty member’s lab or outside internship. These students are exposed to state of the art equipment used in industry, such as machinery in our Omics Hub. This experiential work is reported by students to be a highlight of their degree program.

A beaker is filled in front of a green background with plants in test tubes
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