Horticulture Science and Production

Horticulture Science and Production, a Plant Sciences concentration, is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills needed for production, management, and marketing horticultural crops. Scientist and production horticulturists shape food production and ornamentals industries through innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology, uncovering practical solutions to real-world problems.

UT Institute of Agriculture’s Fresh Electric Farm involves students producing tasty and nutritious food through indoor hydroponic systems. As community engagement is a touchstone of Plant Sciences research, the food grown is donated to Knoxvillians experiencing food insecurity. 

Employment prospects range from managing nursery and greenhouse businesses, to consulting and education, to marketing fruits and vegetables. This concentration also prepares students with strong interests in science or technology to pursue opportunities in research-related fields, including graduate studies.

Students transplant seedlings in an indoor/outdoor classroom
Indoor/outdoor classrooms are adjacent to a recently built greenhouse complex. Explore what you will learn while getting your hands dirty.