TMNP How to Register

1. Choose a Program

If you have never taken the Tennessee Master Nursery Producer (TMNP) program before (or have only taken the live class when it was offered in 2012), enroll in the TMNP program.

If you have graduated from the online TMNP program and need a current certificate for Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) eligibility, please enroll in the Advanced TMNP (ATMNP) program.

To enroll in the ATMNP, you must have completed the TMNP online program. The ATMNP curriculum builds on concepts taught in the TMNP.

If you are unsure what program to take, please contact for assistance, as the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) determines TAEP eligibility.

2. Select Your Program on k@te

Visit the K@TE website: . Scroll down, and select either the Master Producer Program or the Advanced Master Producer Program.

Scroll down. ↓

Scroll down. ↓

3. Select Add to Cart

Click the Add to Cart button below the title of the program on the following page.

Or →

4. Select Proceed to Checkout

Click the Proceed to Checkout button below the total on the following page.

Or →

5. Enter Payment Information

If you already have a k@te account, DO NOT fill this out. Instead, scroll to Login here. If you don’t already have an account, fill in your payment information.

Scroll down. ↓

If you have difficulty enrolling please contact or for assistance.