Public Horticulture

Public Horticulture, a Plant Sciences concentration, is intended for students interested in professional careers that promote horticulture and emphasize education and the enjoyment of plants. Technical electives allow students to concentrate in specialties of their interest while encouraging development of strong communication skills. Students are encouraged to earn a minor in a supportive field such as education, communications, or journalism or earn a nonprofit management certificate.

The UT Gardens, the designated State Botanical Garden of Tennessee, is public horticulture in action. The space has been a mainstay of UT Institute of Agriculture, serving as a classroom, living laboratory, and gathering place where all are welcome.

Employment prospects include directing a botanical garden or park, becoming a city or urban horticulturist, Extension professional, teacher, educational director, program coordinator, professional garden writer or editor, publication manager, horticulture therapist, public garden curator, or plant collections manager.

A large group of people gather for the Eggstravaganza, an Easter egg hunt event at UT Gardens
UT Gardens is a gathering place and teaching facility. Explore what classes you will take here.